q. what is bao?
a. bao is a traditional chinese steamed, filled bun. ours is a bit different; we roll our bao dough flat, steam it and create something entirely new.

q. what's with all the steam?
a. our dough is cooked in chinese steamers making it light, soft, delicious and healthy.

q. do you have vegan, dairy-free or gluten-free options?
a. we have menus to accommodate all your special diet needs, just ask when ordering or view our menu here.

q. do you use trans fats?
a. absolutely not. we use only healthy oils like sesame, soybean and canola.

q. do you have parking?
a. in studio city we have our own parking lot with complimentary valet.

q. do you take reservations?
a. we don't take standard reservations, but let us know if you have a nonstandard request. email us at eat@takeabao.com

q. do you deliver?
a. we deliver through postmates and ubereats.

q. do you offer takeout?
a. yes. and we'll even bring it curbside to you.

q. do you cater?
a. yes. see our catering page for details.

q. do you sell gift cards?
a. yes. email us at giftcard@takeabao.com or call one of the restaurants.

q. are you wheelchair accessible?
a. yes.

q. when is TAKE A BAO coming to my neighborhood?
a. we're current expanding to the beverly grove and hollywood areas. if you have ideas, inquiries or a location recommendation, email us here.

q. who's behind TAKE A BAO?
a. brent stein, gavin portsmouth, armando parada, and christian lomas

if you have a question we didn't cover, email us here.